“For almost eight years, I lived and worked as a software consultant in Singapore, where my life was comfortable. This all changed when I went to Cambodia for a week last year. Terrible things were happening right in front of me and I just needed to do something about them. There are two experiences I’m referring to. The first was a long conversation with a survivor from the Cambodian civil war (Khmer Rouge), whose entire family was killed during that time. The second was when I saw a girl of about six years old being traded as a sex object. A tattooed pimp handed her to an elderly foreigner. I reported it to the police, but was stunned that everybody just kept minding their own business. After this journey, I decided to quit my job, since I no longer felt it was any use to the outside world. I went traveling instead and volunteered a lot, for instance at an environmental conservation project in South Sulawesi and at a sea turtle conservation center on the Indonesian island Gili Meno. I want to continue volunteering, especially at community projects. I want to get to know the unknown stories of people and I think traveling is a good way to do so. It’s not just about visiting places, it’s also about opening up your mind to something different.”

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