”Along the way, I met many interesting people: from illegal immigrants carrying a baby to music artists. Especially in the southwest of Portugal, I met many artists. We were jamming around the bonfire, but also performing on open mic nights. Together with another producer, I’m in a band called Sofabears. We are studio musicians and our vibe is mainly alternative punk, but when I play solo, I also have a singer-songwriter style. Most of the traveling musicians you’ll meet, are non-commercial. Just like me – I care most about the fun I have whiling making music, not about the money. I’d love to start a band, but the hard thing is that the members shouldn’t have any attachments, since I want to continue traveling too. I’m not attached to any place. It’s not easy to find those traveling musicians in a city. In a couple of weeks, I return to Sweden for a while, to catch up with family and friends, do some paper work, hopefully find those musicians and start that band.”

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