”I moved to Washington D.C. after high school and traveled through the entire country. There are only 3 or 4 states I haven’t seen. Back in Brazil, I needed a job in order not to be depressed. I worked as an English teacher for a while and for an airline, which allowed me to travel to many more countries. At the moment, I’m backpacking through Europe on my own for a month. For the first time, I’m couchsurfing. I’ve hosted a lot of people back home, but I’ve never surfed myself. I live in a small village near the border, called Porto Alegre, which is not very popular amongst tourists. That’s why it’s extra interesting when travelers visit us. That mainly happens during big events, such as the World Cup. My parents love to host people too. They don’t speak English, but they express themselves in different ways, for instance by preparing food for the guests. The reason I’ve never surfed myself, is that I always loved staying in hostels. I would love to start my own hostel one day. But this time I thought, let’s try something new.”

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