“When I was in Australia, I heard that I had been booked for the Dutch television show Models in Paris. At first, I had doubts. Would it be harmful to my career? But I decided to join and never regretted it. The cameras followed us 24/7, so we didn’t have any privacy, but you get used to it. Aside from Paris, my face works well in London. Once, I also got booked for a shoot in Dubai. It took place in the desert and I had to pose with a camel and a hawk. For me, the crazier a shoot, the better. Traveling as a model isn’t always easy: sometimes you’ve got a fitting until 3 in the morning and you have to get up at 6 again. On the other hand, you learn a lot. I meet models from all over the world and each culture is different. I especially had to get used to Russian girls. They can be really tough. Sometimes they ignore you when you ask a question, with an angry look in their eyes. Or I ask them: ”When was the last time you saw your family?” ”Two years ago, but I don’t care.” Though, when you get to know them better, they are often very caring. There are many misconceptions about models: we’re mean to each other, we don’t eat, we don’t work hard. The opposite is often true. But when it comes to traveling: I cannot complain!”

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