“Back in the US I couldn’t find a job. The financial crisis had just started. I decided to move to my dad’s birth country Denmark. From there on, I took every opportunity I could find to travel, work related or not. I started working on short-term monitoring and evaluation contracts where they sent me to work on developing projects in Africa. I worked for 9 months in Rwanda for a Danish non-governmental organization. That gave me the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Congo and Uganda. I also worked on a solar panel project for hospitals in Liberia, and I got working opportunities in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sierra Leone. Nowadays I work fulltime in Denmark, still in the same sector. I often think I could give up everything I have to go travel. When you first think of it, the idea sounds appealing. But then, when I start to break it down, I ask myself: what is my purpose to give up my job to travel? I then realize that I can have a fulltime job and I can still travel twelve weeks a year, while making a stable income. As much as I like to travel, I like my work, so I need to find this balance where I can do both.”

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