”In August I left Sweden to travel in a van I remodeled. Inside the van I keep the things I love the most: my recording studio, my guitars, my bed and food in the fridge. I drove through Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, amongst other countries. Why did I leave? Everyone around me was in a serious relationship and working. So was I, until I couldn’t deal with the pressure anymore. I felt burned out and realized I didn’t believe in the life I was living in the electricity industry. I quit my job, sold my stuff and started volunteering at a perma culture community in the south of Sweden. The people I met soon became like family members. It was a huge transformation – I went from working with machines to working with plants and organic soil. All my life I’d been taught to work in an efficient way, and now it was all about slowing it down. It definitely changed my view of working: I was now enjoying it. After my stay in the perma culture community, I bought a van and hit the road.”

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