”When I came back to Brazil after two years of living in the United States, I had difficulty getting used to my old life again. I felt divided between two countries and was constantly comparing them. I felt like I saw the whole world out there, but I couldn’t share it with anyone, since I was still young and my friends hadn’t traveled that much yet. I learned a lot in a short period. You get to experience how the system works in another country, which makes you want to change the system in your own country too. I just didn’t understand certain things back in Brazil: why do people pollute the streets? Why don’t they respect the rules? Of course, there are things I appreciate about our culture too. The food, definitely, but also the fact that we’re very warm-hearted people. That worked for me when I was an au pair in the US. I really showed the children I liked them, I hugged them a lot and parents loved that.”

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