“When I was younger, I heard my cousins from Denmark talking about the travel opportunities they got. I thought, why don’t I have this opportunity? The US system doesn’t encourage you to take time off to explore the world at all. I didn’t know anybody who took a year off between high school and college in the US. Even if I had opted it, my mom would not have let me go. So, staying in the structure of the system and making sure my mom wouldn’t go nuts, I studied abroad in Paris for half a year when I was a junior in college. When I came home, I literally said: I want to go back. I ended up going back to Paris to do my Master’s in International Development. For my Master thesis, I moved blindly to Senegal for six months. My mom and grandmother thought I was crazy – they both thought I would die. All you see in the media are horrible things that are happening, especially in Africa, as people are dying, starving – but it’s a whole continent! There are so many beautiful and good things about Africa. A part of my mission when traveling is to show people the good in the world. I mean, just as easy as I could die in Africa, I could get hit by a bus walking outside of the front door of my own house. Of course, you have to be aware, but I was not going to a war country – I felt perfectly safe in Senegal.”

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