50+ & Travel

Sydney, Australia

“All of last year, our son travelled in South and Central America, and he suggested we would enjoy Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba. So far, he’s absolutely right! Although it’s not cold where we live Read more…


Biarritz, France

“Before I went traveling, I was working in an office in London. The weeks just went by, and even though I was having a lot of fun in the city, I just knew that the Read more…


Flegessen, Germany

“My life as a digital nomad began when I was 18. I had spent some time with an succesful social entrepreneurship in Cambodia, wrote an article about it and sent it to a German magazine. Read more…


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“To me, going abroad always seemed like a huge luxury. In Kyrgyzstan, where I’m from, the standard of living is not very high. My family doesn’t go on a yearly vacation to a new country, Read more…

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