Zwolle, The Netherlands

”Two years ago, we bought ourselves a yellow van and a bit later, we left for what was to become the greatest trip ever. We drove to Portugal and Spain, spent the winter in Morocco, Read more…


Breda, The Netherlands

“After traveling through Central and South America for ten months, I didn’t see myself growing old in The Netherlands. On the contrary, I couldn’t wait to leave again. Brazil was the country I fell in Read more…


Havelte, The Netherlands

“It had always seemed impossible to me, something that could only be completed by a few people; hiking for weeks in the Himalayas in Nepal. But during my first long backpack trip, I bumped into Read more…


Esmirna, Turkey

“On the night of my 33th birthday, I made a bucket list. What do I like to do? Cycling, dancing, meeting new people. My job as a logistic manager in Turkey was really stressful. It Read more…

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